Master Sinchai Has Moved

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Master Ajarn Sinchai, a Thai massage therapist that offers courses on his own version of  Thai massage has moved his Chiang Mai clinic. You can find full details on his website.


Here are the new directions:

1. Coming from Chiang Mai City, proceed towards Airport Plaza Mall via Mahidol or Wua Lai Road.

2. Approaching the overpass before Airport Plaza Mall, turn left unto Highway 1141.

3. Take Highway 1141, approx 3.5 Km (the elevated highway will be parallel to your right).

4. At approx. 3.2 km, stay to your left so you can access the underpass turnaround

5. Turn right under overpass and continue on Highway 1141 (opposite direction from which you came)

6. Drive 2 Km. on Hwy 1141 Look for Athena Koolpurt Ville Building on your left.

7. Turn left after Athena Koolpurt.

8. Drive 0.7 km.  (Pass the Chinese Temple)

9. Turn Left. Drive 100 meters. Ajarn Sinchai’s house will be on right side, House number 139/24.

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  1. maria

    I am from Melbourne Victoria Australia
    i am trying to make contact with Master Sinchai by email
    I have his web site but it does not have an email address only telephone number
    This is his web site

    • admin

      Hi Maria,

      His assistant teacher, Mike, lists his email address on the website. Mike can relay messages to master Sinchai. It may take some time, so please be patient: Best of luck. Meeting Master Sinchai is an amazing experience.