Ken is a graduate from McMaster University’s Evidence-Based Medical Acupuncture Program. This research-based program focuses on treatments and techniques that have proven to be highly effective in both quantitative research studies and clinical practice.  It also integrates the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach with the western approach to health and medicine. Greater emphasis is placed on the anatomy and physiology of the dysfunction and the nerves, muscles and structures involved in the painful syndrome. Medical acupuncture blends well with massage therapy as they both focus on freeing nerve pathways, breaking down adhesions and releasing hypertonic muscles to restore freedom and fucnction.

Ken tries to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. He uses premium extra-thin lubricated acupuncture needles. He prefers that the client feel almost nothing. If the client feels any unpleasant sensations when a needle is inserted, Ken adjusts the needles until the client feels nothing at all.

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