Warsaw Massage Prices

Prices for Combination Massage & Acupuncture Sessions

Service Price

60 minute Treatment
250 Zl
  • You might be interested in my services if:
    • You want a therapist who speaks fluent English. (Many of the breakthroughs I have had with clients come from a long discussion of their health history, their injury, the way the injury happened, they way the pain progressed, and other little details.  If the therapist does not understand exactly what you are experiencing, they can be of limited help)
    • You want a therapist who will respect you when you explain which areas you do not want treated. (Some have a habit of doing exactly what you told them not to do, as if to try to prove something to you)
    • You want a therapist who will not use techniques which are dangerous (some things the Thais do in a session scare me)
    • You want a therapist who will use a gentler, safer approach (Some simply keep adding more pressure to the painful area as if that will cure all problems.  This can work, but it can also make things worse, or injure you.  It also does not take into account the other things that may be causing the problem)
    • You want a therapist who will actively communicate with you ensuring that you are completely comfortable with the work being done.
    • You want a therapist who has proper training (Some have absolutely no formal training.  Others have a few months training.  I have 3 years college training in massage in Canada, as well as certification in acupuncture, first aid, and am provincially certified as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)