Here are some kind words from clients. If you have appreciated a treatment that I gave you and would like to say thank you, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. These testimonials make my world go round.

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I had been experiencing continual pain in my elbow and shoulder for months and had tried various remedies to relieve the discomfort and bring down the swelling, but nothing worked. I tried acupuncture before with little success but decided to give it another shot – and after just one treatment with Ken, the pain in my elbow was gone completely and my shoulder had improved. I was surprised at the immediate results and wondered whether they would last. Almost two months have gone by and the pain in my elbow has not returned. I am extremely impressed by Ken Shim’s technique and would highly recommend seeing him for both short-term and chronic pain management. Thank you Ken for healing my elbow!………………Karen Fernandez

It was great to meet you.  Loved the socks, your sense of humour and your massage-table manner is superb!….. Andrea M.

Ken has worked wonders for my shoulder. Six months ago I was in terrible pain. I had hurt my shoulder working as a tool and die maker. I actually partially tore my shoulder muscle and could not work anymore.  I had gone to all the doctors for help but none were able to help me. When Ken started to work on me I could feel the results almost immediately. He knows what he is doing.   I wish I had found him 4 years ago when I first injured myself. I would have saved myself a lot of pain. I have played my first volleyball game in 4 years and it didn’t hurt me afterwards. I’m very thankful to Ken…………….Melissa Roxborough

Having experienced back trouble all my life, I have tried many avenues to relieve the discomfort.  When I had the opportunity to see Ken, he was able to provide a great relief to the stress I had in my lower back.  The difference in my daily life was noticeable almost immediately.  It is wonderful to know I don’t need to just accept the pain as part of my life!  Not only do I have the physical relief, but Ken has such a great sense of humour that I always leave with a lighter mood.  Thanks Ken!………………….Marla Hume

I was in a car accident about 6 years ago. I have always been a physically active person, but despite this, after the accident, I was not able to sit for more than half an hour at a time and suffered from chronic pain in my upper back. For the first five years I worked with many massage therapists and Ken is the best I have found at therapeutic massage. He has greatly helped me in reducing my chronic pain and increasing my level of freedom and comfort at work (which requires a lot of sitting). I’ve learned a great deal from Ken about how to better manage my issues and I continue to rely on him for regular pain management……………………..Mike McDerment

I had severe low back problems for several months, preventing me from working out and playing with my kids.  I started therapy with Ken in March 2008, and by April 2008 I was almost back to normal.  Ken worked hard each visit, adjusting to my needs and focusing on which part of my back was currently giving me the most pain.  I have no hesitation in recommending Ken, and strongly suggest you visit him………………… Errol P.

I’ve had chronic back, leg and knee problems for the last 4 years. During this time I’ve been to many massage therapists but results were short lived. I was introduced to Ken back in February 2008 and have attended his massage therapy sessions on a regular basis with astounding results. Ken has played a big part in rehabilitating my mid & lower back, legs, and knee problems. I never thought it would be possible to achieve a much lower degree of pain. I would like to add, Ken’s professionalism, knowledge and concern for the well being of his patients/clients will give him an edge for success. Thank you Ken!!! Cheers……………….Toni D.

I initially sought out registered massage therapy with Ken because I was experiencing a sore back, neck pain, and tingling in my hands and calves. This meant that I couldn’t sit for long periods of time, my athletic performance was lacking, and even sleeping was uncomfortable.  Ken really worked hard to make sure he understood my concerns at our initial information session and took the time to work on my muscle groups, teach me to stretch effectively, and encourage a more healthy lifestyle overall. Today I am able to work at my desk, perform on the court and sleep soundly. I owe that to Ken and registered massage therapy. Thanks Ken!………………..Jason S.

After months of back/neck pain, I decided it was time to seek professional help.  That is when I met Ken.  His knowledge and technique has greatly improved my condition.  He has created a comfortable & professional atmosphere where I can relax & enjoy my massage but also has taken the time to teach me preventative exercises/stretches that have been very beneficial in my day to day life.  I highly recommend Ken’s services to anyone looking for relief/treatment.  Thanks Ken…………..Joana A.

I am a client of Ken’s and I have to say that Ken is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to. When I leave his table I feel 100% relaxed and relieved from all pain and stress. Thanks Ken………………….Faisal Raja

Let me tell you… this guy has the best hands in the world. Sometimes when I go in I am so tight. But when I leave I feel like jello. It is heaven to finally be able to breathe and move my shoulders and flex my feet without any tension……………..Sue Leyonce

I’ve seen Ken for a couple of different issues and he has always helped me with them.  Not only does he provide great treatment during our sessions, he goes the step beyond by providing additional exercises and stretches to perform to speed up the healing process.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into helping you get better and stay better………. Jeremy Cruz

Ken is an awesome RMT and very friendly too.  My sister referred me to Ken and I booked an appointment to get some acupuncture and a massage done to my back due to having a horrible knot that has been bothering me for years.  Not only did Ken remove the know, he also gave me tips on how to exercise the certain areas that were bothering me.  I’m very happy with the results and with what I have learned, thanks again ken!………………… Stash Da Poet

I recently went to Ken for the first time valuing the range of approaches he is qualified to draw upon: RMT, acupuncture, some osteopathic approaches.  From the thorough assessment he took the time to conduct, he brought his array of knowledge and experience.  I appreciated the conversation we had about what I had come to have worked on.  I felt like he really listened to me try to describe my experiences & insights about the aches, pains and malfunctions I sought to have addressed.  He seems to really love what he does.  His enthusiasm for trying to piece together the puzzle of what was happening and what might fix it helped me feel more hopeful that the aches and pains and malfunctions could be improved.  And they were.  Plus: I suspect one would always be surprised by the mix of great sounds that come out of his ipod.  Not the swish of waves or the cry of gulls (unless you asked I suppose) but long lost Edie Brickell for starters.  I may regret this review if it means I soon won’t be able to get an appointment, but he’s good: he deserves it……………..Beth Easton

I’ve seen Ken for a wide range of sports related injuries and issues over the pst few years and he ranks right at the top for considerate, effective and insightful work as a massage therapist.  Ken works out the immediate kinks and knots with massage but he’s always looking to figure out how I can adjust my workout as well as daily routines to get my body running right.  As an athlete who is constantly tweaking something I greatly value his holistic and experienced approach to massage therapy and feel he brings amazing value to the time spent in his care……………….. Graham Withers

Ken is amazing. I have come to Ken with a couple different sport and exercise related issues, and he has been great. While I have always loved a good massage I have never actually experienced how truly healing it can be until Ken’s care. His combination of acupuncture and massage has gotten me back to being active and doing the things I love to do way faster then I would have thought possible. I would highly recommend Ken…………. Heather Harding

I saw Ken when I was suffering from a headache.  Ken was able to get rid of my headache in one treatment using a combination of acupuncture and massage.  I highly recommend Ken………… Kathryn P.

I have had much problems with frozen shoulders. I have arthritis and this causes me pain as well as limited movement. Ken worked for about 30 mins on my one shoulder using acupuncture and massage therapy and the movement of my shoulder increased about 90 degrees. I thank you Ken for all the help that you have given me……………….Judy Mahoney

Very good ‘first timer’ experience with Ken! Comfortable, zen atmosphere with surprisingly relaxing and eclectic ambient music playing in the background while I received painless and effective acupuncture and massage. will definitely be back!………………….. Dominique Del Col