Myth: No Pain No Gain! (AKA “The more it hurts, the more it helps“)

Truth: Requesting more and more pressure can leave you in pain for the next day or two while not bringing you closer to the healing you were looking for. Some conditions may be painful, but I will always try to find a way to treat with the least amount of discomfort working within individual pain tolerance. If I am not getting the release from standard Swedish techniques, instead of applying more pressure and causing more pain, I prefer to employ a variety of advanced techniques such as acupuncture, reflexive inhibition or fascial techniques instead. I find that using a variety of approaches brings about healing in a more peaceful manner with longer lasting results.

Myth: A good massage can fix your problem in one session.

Truth: Remember that a problem that is more serious or older usually takes a longer, more difficult time to heal. Most research into the effectiveness of massage, physio or chiropractic care is based on a treatment plan of 4 to 6 treatments. The finish line is the end of the treatment plan. Before you reach the finish line, you may find that the journey is not always in a straight line, but instead has ups and downs. After some treatments it is possible to feel no difference or even to feel worse temporarily depending on your condition. Your best chance of reaching the finish line is to follow the treatment plan, attend all the sessions in a timely fashion and do the prescribed home care and exercises that you and your therapist agreed to.

For long term health, consider a maintenance plan of monthly treatments. This approach works well when you are at a level of health that you want to maintain. The monthly massages take care of minor aches before they become painful problems. It could work to keep stress at reasonable levels, prevent headaches and prevent flare ups of chronic problems.

Myth: It is strange to get a massage from a male massage therapist.

Truth: I take special precautions as a male RMT to make all my female clients feel comfortable and safe. I frequently check in with my clients to ensure that they are at ease with the treatment. All clients are free to stop or change the treatment at any time. Quite often I feel flattered by the amount of trust that my clients place in me and I always do my best to live up to their expectations.

As an RMT my focus is helping all people achieve their health care goals regardless of their age, gender, body type or sexual orientation. Personally, when I treat I am more concerned by what is below the skin than the skin itself. Beauty may be skin deep, but deeper in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, joints and bones is where I look for the key to your musculoskeletal pain. Furthermore, all RMT’s are bound by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as set out by the CMTO and could stand to lose their license as a result of any serious professional misconduct. If you would like to lodge a complaint against any RMT, you can do so with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

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