Disability Insurance for Massage Therapists

The following is a guest post from Doris Malek, who provided me with excellent customer service when I was shopping for disability insurance for massage therapists:

In Canada, breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer in women. Although many women survive after treatment, one of the issues they suffer is the financial burden. According to a new Canadian report, 80% of women
and their families suffered financial difficulties due to loss of income and increased debt. Imagine that you suddenly have to leave the workplace for eight to twelve months. It’s going to have an impact especially if you have a mortgage, a family and/or financial commitments.

Cancer insurance programs can be part of a massage therapist’s disability insurance policy and are designed to ease the illness related financial burden by proving you with a tax free amount of money after diagnosis. Included with the Sun Life Critical Illness plan & Disability Insurance for Massage Therapists is a medical referral service designed to connect cancer patients and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm the right diagnosis and treatment options without having to leave your home.

Could I setup an appointment with you for next week to further discuss the benefits of having a Massage Therapist Disability Insurance Policy?

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