Old Issues of the CMTO’s “The College Standard” Magazine

All RMT’s in Ontario can look forward to an audit by the CMTO every 3 years on average. Part of the audit concerns proving to the CMTO that we have kept in compliance with all of the College’s by-laws which includes reading the CMTO’s publication “The College Standard” and answering the mandatory CEU questions.

For these poor RMT’s that are madly scrambling about last minute to track down their old magazines that may have accidentally been filed in the “cylindrical hall of fame” or “circular filing cabinet”, I offer you this link which will take you to the CMTO’s website where you can download old issues of the College Standard in PDF format.  Merry Christmas!


3 Responses

  1. Linda Gadbois

    Thank you, that was very nice to see someone take the time to help out another R.M.T. very much appreciated!!!

    • admin

      It is the periodical published by the CMTO. It is mandatory for all RMT’s to read it and be familiar with the contents of each issue as we are tested on it every 3 years during our audit.