Dead Butt Syndrome

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Dead Butt Syndrome is a name I haven’t heard of before reading this article.  It is a memorable name and will give some attention to an all too common condition that bodyworkers have been treating for quite some time.  Dead Butt Syndrome refers to weakness in the gluteus medius muscle in runners and specialized athletes.  The gluteus medius muscle in addition to your gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus makes up the bulk of your “butt”.  The gluteus maximus muscle is used to propel your body forward by bringing your leg backward.  The gluteus medius muscle has more of a stabilizing role, keeping your hip steady as your run, walk or stand.  The weakness in the gluteus medius muscle can lead to stabbing hip pain, pain in the knees, ankles or basically anywhere from your lower back to the tips of your toes.

A regimen of strengthening, stretching, and massage or acupuncture can help resolve this condition.