South Philadelphia High School Hides Racist Attacks against Asian Students

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This post has absolutely nothing to do with the regular themes of my blog, but as an Asain, I feel the need to help give issues like this some visibility.  It is a story that will likely be buried by the media.  That no one will ever hear about.

The administration of South Philadelphia High School has been hiding reports of racial violence for years.  In the past 2 years 45 attacks against Asian students have been ignored.  None of the attackers were disciplined.  During an attack on December 9 2009, 7 Asian students ended up in the hospital.  In protest, 50 Asian students staged a 7 day boycott.  Even more unbelievably, 19 of the protesters were suspended and 14 were transferred to other schools.

A formal investigation was launched recently headed by retired judge James Giles.  There have been numerous complaints from the witnesses interviewed that their testimony was cut short or the facts manipulated.

The original article can be found here.

Some news coverage here:

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  1. Ken Shim, RMT

    It is sad news. But it helps us be more aware and strive to improve the situation. Maybe the story can help remind us that we’re not done yet and there is still work that needs to be done.