Vacation Time! Again?!?!

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I find this a bit hard to believe too.  I just got back from Cuba less than a month ago and here I go again?

My sister and her family are headed to Spain and invited me in the best possible way (wink wink)…. an offer I couldn’t refuse (though I tried and tried and tried and tried……… then suddenly gave up).

So, as it is, I leave tomorrow for Tarragona, Spain for a week of nanny and tour guide work.  It was a quick and hasty decision, but the arrangements have been made with clinics and clients.  I will return in a week and plan my first work day as Monday February 15.  Yes, Family Day.

I must say though, I am finally starting to enjoy the benefits of being self-employed.  February is a slower month, so the perfect time to go.  I was invited on Monday.  I accepted the invitation on Wednesday, and in less than 24 hours had informed the clinic, rescheduled clients and bought a ticket.  And, tomorrow I’ll be leaving on a jet plane.

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  1. rosa

    Hello Ken,

    Thanks for all tips on your website about the income tax information on your website.

    Rosa, RMT