Video: Shoulder Exercises for Improving Posture & Decreasing Chronic Pain

Here is a video for some exercises for improving shoulder posture. It is definitely worth a try for people who haven’t had much luck with the traditional stretching exercises. Traditionally, to correct posture, we focus on increasing the length of shortened muscles or increasing the strength of weak muscles in an attempt to bring the body’s posture back to equilibrium. The technique proposed in this video focuses on awareness and activating. These gentle, almost effortless movements bring the participant’s attention to muscles that are often ignored. In this example, the participant activates her serratus anterior muscle, which is a small postural muscle whose weakness is often overcompensated for by larger muscle groups like the trapezius muscles. Teaching the participant to use her serratus anterior muscle results in a more evenly divided workload for the postural muscles, which in turn lead to better posture and reduced chronic pain. With the shoulder blade sitting better on the torso, the many neck muscles that originate from the torso or shoulder blade experience reduced stress.

I tried the exercises myself on the weekend after a long bout of cycling (ie. sore neck and shoulders) and found instant relief.

Enjoy the video.