A Natural Cure for the Common Cold

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This year, the weather turned chilly in very dramatic fashion and one by one my clients canceled their appointments due to cold or flu.  I am pretty amazed and thankful that in my 3+ year career as an RMT I have only taken one sick day (which I suspect was due to the side effects of a detox cleanse as opposed to a genuine flu).  A couple sick days can really bring a clinical practice to its knees.  I like to think I owe my strong immune system to Angela Wang, my Traditional Chinese Medicine teacher in Sarnia.  She once explained to me the immune boosting properties of ginger and gave me a simple recipe for ginger tea.  At the time, I was prone to getting ill very easily.  Now, as soon as the weather turns colder I start my immune boosting regimen of ginger tea and forget about my hypochondriac worries.   I usually take the tea once or twice a day so it’s a good thing that it is absolutely delicious.  Normally when I feel a scratch or a tingle in my throat it is almost guaranteed that I will catch something within a day.  But now, whenever I feel that little itch, I make some extra strong ginger tea and the illness never seems to manifest.   Anyway, it seems to work well for me and I hope that it will help you get through this cold & flu season too.

The Recipe

It is really simple to make.  There is no hard & set recipe.  Just follow your taste buds.

  • All you need is fresh ginger root, honey and water
  • I usually peel and slice the ginger and boil it in the water until the water starts turning yellow
  • If you want stronger tea let it boil longer until the water is a darker yellow or brown colour
  • Using more ginger or less water also makes it stronger
  • When the tea is ready, pour it into a cup and add some unpasteurized honey
  • If you want, you can also try adding some fresh lemon juice

That’s it!  So simple it didn’t feel right writing it down or calling it a recipe.

If you try it, let me know.