Video: Exercise for Lower Back Pain: The Cat & Dog Stretch

Here is a video on a great little exercise to help ease lower back pain. It is called the “Cat & Dog Stretch” and it is very useful in helping to mobilize the back vertebrae and take pressure off the spinal joints, discs & nerves. Remember that much pain in the body comes from inactivity, poor circulation and tight muscles. This simple exercise is also an excellent first step in relieving pain from a herniated disc.

To do the exercise, go slowly. You should not feel any pain with the exercise. If you do feel discomfort, decrease the range of movement. If the pain is aggravated with the exercise, discontinue. Try to do 10 repititions 3 times a day (morning, mid day and night) for the best benefit.

(ps. I apologize for the excessive use of spandex in the video. Nevertheless, it is a good, simple explanation of the exercise)

(pss. No, that is not me in the video. It’s some other bald guy on Youtube)