Not as bad as I thought

As soon as my shift was done, I jumped on the computer to see the damage.  I would’ve loved to have seen it live, but work called.  Luckily enough, Global TV keeps all their news broadcasts online for a month after airing, so if you would like to catch a glimpse of my brush with fame, check out Global TV’s Website. You will need to click on “Family Health” on the left navigation bar, then click on the video clip for “Detox Diets”.

You might have trouble finding me.  The video crew came and shot for an hour.  They boiled the raw footage down to a 2:30 segment, and in that, you might be able to see yours truly (the “bald by choice” guy in the black tshirt) for about 10 seconds… just long enough for me to say “flush” (which my friend Amanda finds hilarious).  I was pretty happy that my part got whittled down so much.  Half the time I was talking to the camera I found myself wondering what the heck I was saying. From all the footage we shot, you can see me drinking a glass of water, saying that I lost 8 pounds, and saying “flush!”  Hardly a long career in superstardom… drink water, lose 8 pounds, flush, drink water, lose 8 pounds, flush.  no matter how many times I replayed it, I don’t get it.  I did, however, correctly predict that the box would steal the show.  You can see the box in the opening shot with the anchor people.  I am sure that the box got at least 1 second more air time than me.

I can’t imagine I will receive a ton of business from the exercise, but that isn’t important.  I think that in this business, the money is secondary.  None of us became RMT’s in order to get rich.  We did it to do a job that we loved.  And the experience was just a lot of fun and a great change of pace.   My name was mentioned (though no mention of my being an RMT).   But most importantly, I get to start every conversation for the next week with “Did you see me on TV the other night?”

Oh, and as a plus, I emailed the good people at Renew Life and they were so pleased that they offered to mail me some more cleanses to try out.  I will let you know how that develops.

In the meantime, let me know if you need any celebrities or entertainment at your next event.  And, yes, I do barmitzvahs.