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I spent so much time in the last few posts talking of my little slip ups doing my detox cleanse that I figured it’s about time that I gave you some positive news.  The day’s not over yet, but so far, I haven’t cheated.  Same goes for yesterday where I was a model of discipline and determination (minus 3 teeny weeny itsy bitsy Quality Street chocolates… but they were just wafer thin….).

I started last Monday  night and this morning I took the last herbal supplements, that means that I’m done.  I finished a one week cleanse.  And really, it wasn’t that difficult.   Especially with my soon to be patented “cleanse with benefits” method.

I should feel relieved and have the urge to run out and get me some T-bone steak, but I feel like something’s missing. You might not believe this, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to extend the cleanse.  My plan is to buy some more supply and extend the detox/cleanse till the end of this week.   I know that I could stop now, but I feel like I am just really getting into the good stuff.  The stomach is feeling flatter, I’m getting used to the leaner cleaner diet (the cravings are almost non existent now), my body feels pretty well adjusted to the changes, and my digestive system…. well, it’s almost working the way I want it to.  It’s all good stuff, but I just feel like I have unfinished business still.