Oops, I did it again

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So, that’s now twice that I slipped up on Saturday.  A new low.  This cleanse business is becoming more of a “cleanse with benefits” the way things are going.  Thank goodness I’m not a nutritionist, otherwise I’d have to seriously consider looking for a new line of work.  Luckily I’m just a humble RMT whose failings on the diet front have no reflection on his skills at massage.  Whew…

Last night’s indiscretion was mostly my fault, but I think the menu was partly to blame.  How can anyone resist such a deliciously worded menu?  The menu in question belonged to “Real Thailand” on Bloor west of Spadina.  It did not disappoint.  A real Thai restaurant, owned by real  Thai people, serving real Thai dishes.  The menu went far beyond the red/green/orange curry or the chicken/beef in ginger and had my mouth watering just reading about the mussel, king fish and shrimp soup.  So, in yet another moment of weakness, I broke down and had a fantastic dinner.  Weakness can be so yummy.