Cleansing Can be Tough Business

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After the initial stumble (Norwegian caviar, English chocolates…. things are tough for an RMT), I was on a bit of a roll for a while.  Nothing passed through these teeth unless it was vegetarian, gluten free and non dairy.  That is until today when a client brought in, for little ‘ol me, home cooked shrimp in an onion & tomato sauce over a bed of quinoa.  Absolutely yummy.  A little bit of a guilty pleasure, but not too much as I figure that shrimp is gluten free, dairy free and such a great, light little seafood that it’s practically vegetarian as well.  I’m starting to think that the best part of the cleansing has got to be the cheating.  And can I help but cheat when the universe seems to be conspiring to keep me well fed?

The real reason why I cleanse, though, is for the health benefits.  Right away when I start a cleanse, my digestive system kicks into high gear and feels much more at ease.  After about a week I notice an increase in my energy levels and clarity of mind.  Also, food starts to taste better as if my taste buds have heightened senses.  And, one of my favourite side effects is that by the end of 2 or 3 weeks of cleansing, I am usually about 5 or 10 pounds lighter.  Miraculously, most of the weight seems to be from the midsection, which I am perfectly OK with.

So, I’m back on my cleanse again and it’ll be a bit tricky as this weekend is Taste of the Danforth, so basically as soon as I walk out my front door, I am greeted by ferris wheels, amusement park rides and the smell of souvlaki, lamb and gyros.  The Taste of the Danforth is a meat lover’s paradise, but definitely not a good place for me this weekend.