What does it feel like to have a stroke?

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This is a fascinating firsthand recount of experiencing a stroke by a neuroscientist. It is a part of the TED series of talks.

  1. Alan

    Absolutely incredible…while searching the web, after believing that I had a mini-stroke today, I found this video….I can concur with what she said about a feeling of an almost out of body experience….I felt really wierd and almost euphoric feeling…Strange, but not scared..I had this while driving to work, today..I remember getting in to my truck and stopping to get something to eat, leaving there and winding up at another restaurant and getting another burger (not realizing why or how I got there)..I can not tell you how or the streets I used to get to work…Thinking back on it now, I am certain that I got there by the Grace of God and His purpose for me for something..