Can I get a massage for free?

cost of massage

Yes Virginia, you can get a free massage.

Most of my clients actually don’t pay a cent for massage.  They have extended health benefits through work which pays for their massages.  Everybody with extended health benefits actually pays a little bit every month to cover the cost of the insurance policy with their employer paying the balance, so it’s not exactly free.  But it’s pretty close to it.  These benefits don’t cover just massage but typically also include dental, medicine and other expenses.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Most plans require a doctor’s note or prescription for massage.  Most doctors understand that 80% of illnesses are stress related and will sign off without hesitation.
  2. Come in to see me for a massage and enjoy some stress pain and tension relief.
  3. After you pay I will give you an invoice with my registration number and details which you can mail in with your doctor’s note to your insurance provider.
  4. In about a week or two you will receive your reimbursement for the cost of the massage.

Total cost to you is $0.

The benefits of getting rid of the stress and pain…… priceless.

Some details:

  • Most of my clients are entitled to $500 per year.  That works out to about 6 massages per year.
  • Plans usually run from January to December.  The benefits don’t roll over to the next year.   A new claim starts the following year.  So it’s a bit of a “use it or lose it” situation.  This is why one of my busiest times is from September to December.  Everyone ends up wanting to use up all of their benefits at the end of the year.  But why wait and rush?  Your best benefit will be from regular massages throughout the year.
  • Most plans cover 100% of the cost of each treatment, but some have a cap or a percentage per treatment.  You should call your insurance provider to find out the details of your plan.
  • The average plan is $500 for all expenses, but some are less, some are more, and some will give dedicated amounts.  For example Some plans will cover $500 for massage, another $500 for acupuncture, $500 for chiropractic, etc etc etc. Again, call your provider and get the details

So, what are you waiting for?

2 Responses

  1. Helen Cannon

    Hello, i am in desperate need of a massage. I’m literally dieing from stress and my back and body is so tense i cant even move. I have been unemployed for two months due to a stress related skin rash and the reoccuring, stress-triggering events that keep happening are exacerbating it more and more. Please help me! im only 18 and have no idea how this free massage thing works. I have health insurance but am being taken off of it at the end of august because i just graduated high school( long story). Can you send me some information on this?? thankyou so much!

    • admin

      Hi Helen,

      The article refers to how you can use your extended health benefits from work to pay for your massage. Unfortunately, it means you need extended health benefits for this to work for you. If you are in dire need of a massage, you can usually get them at the massage schools in town for a lower price. When I was in school, I think we charged something like $20 for a one hour treatment. The students would be more than happy to have someone to practise one. Another way to get the relief on a budget is to start healthier living. Watch what you eat, take the time to exercise and be active, and most of all, make sure you enjoy a moment or two out of every day. It really does work. I can’t tell you how many of my clients had breakthroughs the moment they started doing, yoga, tai chi, joining a gym, etc. This approach might take a bit of effort but in the end, it is practically free. You can have all the frequency you need and the process belongs to you. Best of luck.