Candida Diary #12: Ancient Chinese Secret

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June 6

Up until recently, I had relied completely on Inno-Vite’s products and my restricted diet to cure my candida, but on Thursday of last week, I remembered the many successes I had from a doctor of chinese medicine on Gerrard St.  Traditional Chinese medicine treats candida quite differently.  In traditional Chinese medicine, yeast infections are usually caused by an imbalance in the spleen meridian.  Chinese herbal remedies can be some of the most vile, disgusting things you have ever willingly put in your mouth.  So bad, you might rediscover your gag reflex.

But, they work.

Every time I tried an herbal remedy it always did the trick.  The first time I tried it was for a rash that would not go away after useless visits to a dermatologist and tubes of cortisone cream.  The herbal remedy for my rash was especially atrocious including large insects in its ingredients.  But after choking down this vile drink for three days, I was completely cured.  When the rash resurfaced a couple of years later, I didn’t waste any time and rushed to the Chinese herbalist for another course of self inflicted torture and lo and behold, I was cured again by the end of three days.

With such a good track record, I figured I would try it again, this time for dizziness.  A quick visit to my doctor at Siang Yu Tang at 565 Gerrard St. E. and I was armed with some acupuncture points (spleen 6 and 9, liver 3, stomach 36) and three days of an herbal tea.  I started both the herbal formula and acupuncture as soon as I got back home.  The tea of course was horrendous, but the acupuncture was easy to administer to myself as I watched tv.  By the end of four days, the dizziness had subsided to almost nothing and my skin condition had almost disappeared.  I was back on track again.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, you can try the staff at Siang Yu Tang on Gerrard Street East or The Best of Chinese Medicine on the Danforth.