Candida Diary #11: What Now?

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May 24

Today was not a great day.  My dizziness came back with a vengeance.  I recently suffered from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) first in October of last year.  It is a terrible condition where a bit of crystal breaks loose in your inner ear disrupting your sense of balance.  It makes walking, standing, and moving about very difficult as you feel like you are completely drunk on a ship caught in a storm.  My last episode lasted until the end of the year when I used a home ear cleaning kit to remove a massive wax plug that had built up in my ear.  I thought that the problem was long gone until today when I awoke to a spinning room and funhouse floors.  I was actually thankful that my morning appointment did not show up.  It gave me time to regroup and figure things out.  I did the Epley Manoeuvre a couple of times and cleaned my ears out with the kit, but no luck.

As I am on the candida cleanse, I have a tendency to attribute every single positive or negative change in my health to candida.  So, now I am wondering if I am suffering because on the weekend I had barbecued chicken and beef that was marinated in soy sauce.  This cleanse is definitely bringing out the paranoia.  Can such a small quantity of soy sauce cause such drastic effects?  The quantity of yeast in soy sauce must be negligible.  Would breaking my cleanse by such a small bit reverse all of the sacrifice that I had endured the previous 4 weeks?  If that was the case, I need to consider options.


Edit:  A week later, I talked to Dr. Lee Know, the naturopath at Inno-Vite and he assured me that any effects from breaking my cleanse that one time would have been much smaller and gradual.  In other words, the return of BPPV was due to something else, not that one slip up.  Whew…