Candida Diary #10: Bigger Faster Stronger

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May 23 2012

I hit the gym again today.  I can’t believe that I have all the strength that I do considering what I eat. It is hard to believe that when I first started, I could barely get through a short workout, and now, I have lots of energy after my workout is already over.  I am actually stronger now than when I started the cleanse.  Which still makes me pretty wimpy, but less so.  My weight is down to 167 lbs, which is about 3 lbs lighter than when I started.  My biggest struggle is actually to keep the weight on.  I don’t want to lose the muscle I had worked so hard to gain.  This has meant adjusting my diet to include lots of proteins every day and often every meal.  Of course the easiest sources of protein are the chicken and fish, both of which are allowed on the diet.  But there are also lots of other sources of proteins that I am relying on.  Beans, almonds, and tofu are also very rich in protein.   A little juggling with the diet and regular inclusion of proteins in my meals has helped to maintain my muscles and stem the weight loss.