Candida Diary # 4: A Single Step

Sunday April 22, 2012

As soon as I got  back from the Big Carrot, I tore open the Yeast Buster kit.  The drink was easy enough to figure out.  One teaspoon of the power (psyllium), two teaspoons of the caproil, and one tablespoon of the bentonite.  Just add water.  It went down easily enough.  I wouldn’t put it on my list of all time favourite drinks, but if it gets me better, I can’t complain.  In truth, it didn’t taste too bad.

After drinking this potion that is supposed to poison all the fungus in me and tear them out of my intestines, I did a quick check…. nope.  Nothing has changed so far.  What’s taking so long?  Hmmmph.  I should get around to reading the instructions, but how important can they be?

Off to bed.