November 2011 Update

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This may seem a bit early, but I have already planned my new year’s resolution.  On December 30, I will be leaving for Burma (Myanmar) for holidays.  I am really looking forward to the trip as Burma seems like such a mysterious place, like a little corner of the world that time forgot.

I will also be spending one week in Thailand on the way back.  I am hoping to attend Master Moy ‘s classes and learn what I can from this amazing massage therapist.

My flight gives me a 12 hour layover  in Paris.  So, between Paris, Burma and Thailand, there will surely be more pictures soon on my website.


Exercise Directory

All of the exercise videos on my website are now organised into a handy little directory.  It is much easier to use now and is a great little one stop shop for finding some quick solutions to whatever ails you. You can find it here

There are a few newly added exercise videos on the website: