Reasons to not vote Conservative

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More voices you won’t hear in the election campaign is a Globe and Mail Article that summarizes some important topics that have been largely ignored in this election campaign. Some important points:

  • Harper’s own people have been quickly and silently fired for DWH (disagreeing with Harper)
  • Government organisations that presented versions of the truth that were not beneficial to Harper’s cause were quietly “defunded” or denied federal funds until they ceased to exist (eg. Canadian Council of International Cooperation)
  • The end of the long form census.  It may soon be difficult to argue the need for social services without statistically accurate information.
  • Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences has been “disappeared” by a removal of all federal funds.  Again, it is hard to explain the need for environmental protection without any relevant data to support it.


The Commons: The daring Mr. Harper is a McLean’s article explaining how Harper’s communications style very effectively suppresses the truth. Some important points:

  • After repeating his message that Canada is tired of its fourth election in seven years, Harper does not once mention that he was responsible for 2 of the 4 elections.
  • Harper prorogued parliament twice to avoid defeat
  • His government is the first in the history of British democracy to be found in contempt of the House of Commons

Anyone But Harper: A Globe and Mail article as rebuttal to the Globe’s endorsement of the Conservative Party


Vote Compass is a tool developed by the CBC that by asking a series of questions points you towards the political party that is closest to your views.  Even if you disagree with the answer, the questions asked will open your eyes to important issues you may not have considered