The Homeless Man with the Golden Radio Voice in Columbus, Ohio

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Here’s an amazing Youtube video that went viral recently. At the writing of this article, it had received 4 million hits.

Rumour of a homeless man with a perfect radio voice led somebody with a video camera to investigate and upload to Youtube. Ted Williams, with a beautiful smile on his face, explained how he was a professional radio announcer when he had problems with alcohol and drugs. Now, he is 2 years clean and looking for a break.

That break came rather quickly. He was on a local radio show recently and was offered to be the official radio announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. To top it off, they also arranged a mortgage for a house for him too.

A story confirming the details can be found here.

Here is the video:

Quick Update: Here is a video of Ted Williams on the Early Show after his story went viral.