Therapeutic Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I was just thinking about my trip to Thailand and Indonesia and all the amazing treatments I had there. I am so appreciative for the therapists that tried so hard to help me. In particular there was a wonderful therapist in Chiang Mai that offers therapeutic Thai massage that I would like to help promote. Therapeutic massage is actually quite difficult to find in Thailand. Massage is everywhere in Thailand, but it caters more toward relaxation or spa type treatments. These can be wonderful experiences, but if you have chronic issues, you are probably looking for someone that can actually ‘fix’ it and make it better.

The experience of getting a therapeutic massage can be quite different from receiving a traditional Thai massage. A traditional Thai massage should be a 2 hour visit where prescribed pressure points all over the entire body are stimulated in a set routine. The massage should leave you feeling relaxed all over. Therapeutic treatments on the other hand focus on specific conditions. It is not uncommon for a therapeutic practitioner to spend an entire hour focussing on treatment of just one body part such as a shoulder or neck. The treatments can be more aggressive or painful, but in the end, you may feel freedom of movement or a real decrease in pain.

One therapeutic massage therapist is Master Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset. He is a bit of a legend in Chiang Mai. While studying massage there this year and also two years ago, I asked around quite a bit looking for a good therapist. Whenever I asked for someone that really knew how to heal or fix specific chronic problems, Master Sinchai’s name came up. Unfortunately, even though everybody in the city knew of his reputation, nobody could tell me his exact address, and as such the legend and mystery around him grew.

On my last day in Chiang Mai, I finally tracked him down and got my first massage from him. The experience was one that I will never forget. Master Sinchai is blind and graduated from a massage academy for blind people. He has 40 years experience and intuitively knew how to treat my sprained shoulder. He treats by testing, trying one approach or technique and then re-testing. This he does again and again repeatedly changing his approach until the tests yield a significant reduction in pain. He has incredibly soft and supple hands and moves at a slow thoughtful pace in his treatments. Even when the massage feels very intense, he keeps with his slow, gentle rhythm.  One look at the videos and you will understand what I mean.  Some of his techniques are quite innovative.  Other approaches look simple at first blush, but in the master’s hands are able to unlock restrictions.

He is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Chiang Mai and need some real healing.  Or better yet, try one of his massage courses.

Here is his information:

Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset
50/1 Chang Phuak Rd
T. Sriphom A Muang
Chiang Mai

Tel: 086 924 3210

The website was developed by another devoted fan of his and has a good map.

Here are a couple of videos that others have posted about him: