Sir Nicholas Winton, the British Schindler

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In 1938 Sir Nicholas Winton, organized the safe passage of 669 Jewish refugees from Czechoslovakia to England.  It’s a story that I just heard for hte first time tonight, and I am as floored as if I had heard the story of Schindler’s list for the first time.  It is a shame that these little miracles get buried in history under the weight and clutter of statistics, dates and redrawn borders.  Here is a simple act of human kindness that was almost completely forgotten until Sir Nicholas Winston’s wife found his scrapbook of records in their attic in 1988.  He hadn’t bragged about his accomplishments to anyone all those years, not even to her.

There is a small write up of him on Wikipedia

Here is a clip of a British TV show “That’s Life” that in 1988 reunited Sir Winston with three dozen of the people he had rescued.  His quiet humility is truly amazing.