The Dangers of Aspartame & Nutrasweet

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Does Aspartame or Nutrasweet cause brain tumours?

Here is an excerpt from a 60 Minutes episode on Aspartame and Nutrasweet. There are some pretty scary allegations against the quality of the research that was done for the FDA approval.

According to the investigation, the studies hid data of lab rats dying or getting brain tumors. Some of the political gymnastics that went into approving aspartame are a bit mysterious.

There were 164 studies examining the safety of aspartame. 74 of them were funded by the makers of aspartame and all of these showed that aspartame was safe. However, out of 90 studies funded by independant sources, 83 showed dangers in consumption of aspartame.

Personally, I never eat or drink anything with artificial sweetener simply because I don’t like the taste.

Enjoy the video.