July Update

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The following is a copy of the email update I send out to my clients.  If you didn’t receive one and would like to be added to the list to be informed of  schedule, price, or clinic changes, email me at k.shim.rmt@gmail.com


I am having trouble believing this one too.I seem to be finding that upper limit of balance between work and play, or as I like to call it, “play and work”.But, yes it is true.I am heading out again.I just bought a ticket the other night (one of the dangers of online shopping…. Even more dangerous than a tub of ice cream in the freezer late at night).

I must apologize for taking time off again.Your health is very important to me and I wish I could be here to continue the healing work that we started together.

There is some good news from all of this:

  • My carpal tunnel syndrome is showing big signs of improvement.The regular therapeutic treatments I received in Nepal and Cuba combined with the time off (very important for recovery from repetitive strain injury) have greatly helped.My wrists are not completely healed yet, but they are not in the acute phase anymore.Hopefully, if I can maintain my health I will be able to provide health care to you for the long long long term.
  • This trip will be my last of the year.Well, good news for you.Not exactly good news for me.
  • I should have a more conservative vacation schedule from now on (well, until I turn 50… gasp).Again, good for you.
  • I hope to learn some new techniques that you can try out.Win-win.

In the past I have appreciated the support, patience, understanding and encouragement I have received from my clients regarding my vacations, but this time I feel like I owe an explanation.The truth is that I am turning 40 this year and I wanted to celebrate it in a way that was special to me: travelling.It is my favourite thing.Forget about bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens… travelling is “IT” for me, with brown paper packages wrapped up in string coming in a close second.As August is the month of my birthday, a travelling adventure was definitely called for.The perfect chance to rest these tired hands ($5 daily massages… anyone? Anyone?), do some soul searching (or as I like to call it, “where’s waldo”), and have a little adventure.


The new HST inclusive prices are posted on my website at:



I will continue my regular work schedule until August 10 and start my regular hours again on September 9.


I will be looking for a replacement RMT to cover for my clients while I am away. Check my website for updates and contact info


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