Sping: The Best Time for a Dietary Cleanse

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With the undeniably warm weather here, it is time for another cleanse. I am relatively new to the cleansing game. I think this is the third year I’ve tried it. I think that spring time is the perfect time for me to do a dietary cleanse.

I would hate to be stuck doing a cleanse during the summer patio season. Cleansing is a bit of an anti-social habit depending on your group of friends. It requires abstaining from alcohol and just about any party food. No more social lubricants. You actually have to rely on your natural born charm and wit to work the room. No more late night munchies like souvlaki or burritos. Who wants to be munching down on spinach at 3am? Then again, without alcohol, who has the munchies at 3am? The dietary cleanse actually is a bit of a behaviour modifier turning us into less juvenile versions of ourselves. But with Canada only having 2 months of true summer, who wants to waste time being grown up? Bring on the ice cream with Bailey’s!

Winter is also a terrible time for a cleanse. One would think that since social hibernation usually sets in during winter that it would be the perfect time for a cleanse. It is true that we generally leave the house less in the winter, but I need my winter fat. I’m 5’10” and usually around 170 lbs, but cleansing will usually drop my weight down to around 160 lbs. Having a 2 or 3 pack (I’m just not a 6 pack kind of guy) is great for the summer, but who is ever going to admire my rock hard abs (I wish) in the winter? You would need some serious x-ray vision to be able to see through my layers of turtle necks, thermal underwear and woolly sweaters. The extra 10 lbs is the only thing that really keeps me warm in the winter time. I’d put my winter flubber against any thinsulate or gore tex combo anytime. I made the mistake of cleansing one winter and I almost froze to death. No lie! (unless you count that one…)

So, this year, I’m trying to do a spring cleanse. It goes perfectly with all the spring cleaning I’ve been doing lately. Get rid of all that stuff you don’t need. I don’t have to worry about being too cold. The weather is still crummy enough to warrant staying in every now and again. The only hitch is Easter weekend. Some of the best Trinidadian food you can find in Canada gets cooked up on Easter weekend. Not to mention all the Easter chocolate. Another troubling coincidence is that I just started buying chocolate to have available for my clients (the most amazing part of that is that I can now claim chocolate as a business expense! Can you believe it? I can’t wait to put that in my accounting program… “Chocolate Expense”). This means that I have a couple of kilograms of Lindt Swiss chocolate lying around the clinic that I am not allowed to touch.

Somehow I will get through this.

I will be using Cleanse Smart by Renew Life.