Facial Exercise Helps You Look Younger

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These simple exercises can help you look younger. They are a completely natural way to tone and firm up the muscles that support and shape the face. When these facial muscles are well toned and firm, they lift and pull the skin tighter smoothing out wrinkles and adding body to your face. They are an excellent addition to a series of cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

The exercises are safe if performed in private. Believe me, you do not want to do this in public, on the subway or on the street. Yes, they look a bit goofy but they are all uniquely designed to strengthen certain facial muscles that are not strengthened normally. The same way that running gives you stronger, younger looking legs, or bench presses give you a stronger pectoral muscles and lift your breasts, these exercises tone and strengthen your facial muscles making you look younger.

The first set of facial exercises are designed to reduce eye wrinkles:

This set of facial exercises are designed to tone and lift cheeks:

This set of yoga facial exercises help to give you full lips:

This last set of yoga facial exercises help to firm your neck: