Getting Over Your Fear of Acupuncture

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The biggest concern that people have with acupuncture is the needles.  We have an innate fear of needles from the time when we are young and experience our first round of booster shots.  I have the same painful memories that most people do.  The nurse that smelled like a hospital, that enormous needle that she held in her hand, and that otherworldly pain that I felt when she stuck that needle into my arm.  I remember when it was my cousin’s turn to be immunized, she was so terrified that her fear almost saved her.  Her muscles were so rigid with fear that the needle couldn’t penetrate enough for the injection.

Unfortunately these types of memories are what people think of when they think of acupuncture.  The greatest injustice is that these images have nothing to do with acupuncture and can prevent someone from getting the health care that they need.  It is time we take a second look at acupuncture needles and put things into perspective.

Thinner than a Human Hair

The standard acupuncture needles is .25mm thick.  That is thinner than a human hair!  You can fit 10 standard acupuncture needles into the needle of a typical syringe.  I use premium needles that are .16mm or .18mm thick.  You can fit around 40 of these into the needle of a syringe.

40 18 gauge needles fit into a syringe needle
40 acupuncture needles (0.18mm gauge) can fit into a syringe needle
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My needles are so thin that they are flexible.   They can be bent, twisted, even tied into a knot if you really want.


I almost always use lubricated needles.  These needles are coated with a thin layer of a surgical silicone lubricant to ease entry.  The result is that the needles are practically “ouch less”.   This feature is especially important for clients that are trying acupuncture for the first time.

A split second

Most needles don’t hurt at all, but if you do feel any discomfort, it is only for a split second.  This is because most of the nerve endings are at the surface of the skin.  Once the needle is in, clients feel nothing

Instantaneous Healing

Healing from acupuncture is automatic.  As soon as the needle is removed, the acupuncture site has already closed up and healed itself.  Out of every ten needles, typically, only one will bleed.  Bleeding is usually limited to just one drop.

After a blood test or immunization, you may remember having to give direct pressure to the injection site for 15 minutes and leave a bandaid on the area for most of the day.  But with acupuncture, the healing is instantaneous.  This is because the needles are less than one tenth the size of syringes.  Also, while hypodermic needles are designed like a razor to cut its way into the body, acupuncture needles are so small that no cutting is required.  Acupuncture needles simply separate tissue and push through causing no damage.

Practically Not There

These needles are so thin and flexible that you forget they are there.  I know it sounds impossible, but remember that these needles are thinner than a human hair.

Give it a Try

Today’s premium acupuncture needles have nothing in common with hypodermic needles.  While receiving an injection can be a traumatic experience, receiving an acupuncture session is a peaceful, painless, healing experience.  Don’t let irrational preconceptions stand in the way of your health.  Most acupuncturists offer free initial consultations.