Attending a CranioSacral Course this Weekend

I just got back from vacation and I’m already taking time off again.  What a lush I’m turning into.

It’s not exactly a vacation though.  After spending half my time in Cuba working on articles for my blog, taking time off this weekend to attend a training course is the next logical step.  Some day I will learn how to really kick back, but for now, I will be crammed into a classroom for about 24 hours over 3 days learning the intricacies of cranio sacral mobilizations.

I have always been interested in craniosacral technique as it is such a vastly different approach to healing.  I also like how gentle and subtle the technique is.  In a typical treatment, you feel like almost nothing is happening.  The changes are so quiet that you really need to get into your body to experience it.

The course will be taught at the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy from Friday to Sunday.  The enrollment cost is around $750 with taxes in.  The reason I chose to take the course here is that it will be taught as part of the 3 year program for becoming an osteopath. The course is open to people that are not enrolled in the osteopath program at the college and is offered as a stand alone module.  The smorgasbord approach is so much more flexible.  I am not sure that I want to become an osteopath but I like the idea that this course is potentially part of a larger plan.

If you would like a taste of what a session might feel like, be sure to book in next week.