Video: Stretch for Tennis Elbow

Here is a good little stretch for tennis elbow sufferers.


  1. Massage therapists might also find this little exercise helpful after a long day of work or in between clients.
  2. If you have an office job, doing this stretch a few times a day can help ease the discomfort in your wrists or elbows caused by computer work.
  3. Also good for musicians, crafts people or anyone that does a lot of repetitive hand work.

The video is called “Tennis Elbow Flexor Stretch”.  Please ignore the title, it is actually an extensor stretch for tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow involves inflammation  and the development of fascial scar adhesions on the wrist extensor muscles of the forearm. Stretching the wrist extensor muscles can temporarily lengthen the muscle fibres, easing pressure on the muscle insertions and giving some pain relief. The other information on the video is accurate.

Try to do the stretches 2-3X per day. For each set, try to do 3 repetitions of 20 seconds each.  Tennis elbow can be treated with a regimen of regular massage and/or acupuncture treatments.

Always check with a health care professional before you try any of the exercises shown on this site. If you are feeling pain or discomfort with the exercise, decrease the intensity or range of the stretch so that you stay within the pain free range. If the discomfort does not go away, stop.