How Much Anatomy Does a Massage Therapist Know?

The lights are dimmed down low, the music is playing softly and you are being slowly lulled off to sleep by the massage until you feel a pain very similar to the pain you were complaining about.  You wonder how the RMT was able to find “the spot” and ask what it is.  The RMT answers back with some Latin words you have never heard of before and you ask yourself why it seems that all RMT’s speak Latin as a second language.  Surely they can’t all be Romanian….

In Ontario Canada, all RMT’s complete 2 or 3 years of education where we learn a great deal of anatomy and palpations.  To illustrate what some of the classes are like, here is an interesting video about palpations or the art of knowing what muscle, bone, ligament or tendon you are on simply from feeling.  It is made by Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems to advertise some of their seminars on palpations offered to RMT’s. It might help you understand how RMT’s are so fluent in latin. You can find out more about their seminars at