My 15 Minutes of Infamy

The cameraman just left with the others from Global TV and I am now breathing a sigh of relief.  I had been offered the chance to be on TV before and had shied away from it.  For some reason, giving a massage on a reality TV show kinda scared the bejeezus out of me so, 2 years ago, I politely declined.  This time for some reason I decided to try it out.  They were doing a story on detoxes and cleanses and just wanted my 2 cents on the experience so i tried it out.  You’re welcome to have a peek.  It should air tomorrow, Wednesday September 23 2009 on the 6 o’clock news.  Also it will be available after 8pm on the Global TV website so that you can watch it over and over and over again and wonder how I knew that a black t-shirt would be so perfect for hiding the rivers of sweat trickling down my upper body.  Myself, I will be watching and re-watching to get an exact count on how many times I really do say um, like, or y’know…… I’ve always been curious.  For those of you that have never met me, ignore the broadcast. I’m usually way more combobulated in person.  It is just that the TV really does add 10 lbs to you… or in this case it added 10 pounds to my tongue making it virtually impossible to articulate.  No matter what I wanted to say, every time I tried to speak that swollen ten pound mass of a tongue in my mouth got in the way.  Anyhoo. don’t say I didn’t warn you.