Laughter Yoga in Toronto

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What a great way to say good morning!!!   Imagine starting your day with 45 minutes of laughter in the glorious outdoors.  I just did, and I gotta say….. I feel fantastic.  The class was led by Lynn who has been teaching laughter yoga for years on the Danforth.  I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first.  Enjoying a good laugh is one thing, but laughing for 45 minutes straight?  Sounds like too much of a good thing.  Also, we were smack dab in the middle of the park…. out in the open… for all to see.  A bit intimidating.  Luckily for me Lynn really knew what she was doing.  She led me through a few different exercises, role plays, and games that would bring about a whole new batch of laughter.  I was amazed when the class had ended because it felt like we were just beginning.  Each new round of laughter had me feeling lighter, invigorated, less stressed and freer.  It felt as if those mean tight muscles were letting go one by one.  At the end I noticed I felt perfectly comfortable sitting cross legged on the floor, which for me is really good.  Normally that position takes a lot of effort and concentration to maintain. 

The laughter yoga class took place in Withrow Park at Danforth and Carlaw.  There are only 2 more classes left for the summer: Tuesday August 25 at 5:30pm and Friday August 28 at 8:30am.  This is your last chance of the year to get in on it.  The cost is free but donations are accepted.  If you miss your chance for the open air classes, you might want to check out her indoor classes which start in September.  For more information visit Lynn’s website at