Why did I do this to myself?

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Well I have no one to blame but myself. I’d like to blame it on my internet guru, who suggested adding a blog to my website to help personalize the experience. It sounded like a wonderful idea at the time. I get the chance to let people know what I am up to; the new techniques I am learning; some self care approaches that could help clients with their healing; and on and on the list of positives went. So here I am working on reorganizing the website and installing a blog. Looks great. I’m happy with many of the changes, but at 2:30am, I’m not sure just how good a judge I am at the moment. Somehow the website is still up and running. Somehow I am lucid enough to write a blog at this hour despite my diet today which consisted of the richest chocolate brownies ever baked. My friend and fellow RMT, Denise Lackan baked them up yesterday and yes they are rich but something in my RMT training in nutrition tells me that it is not a healthy meal replacement. Anyhow, it’s late, I’m rambling, and I’m afraid that if any of my clients see this that they may lose all the respect they ever had for me. So I am signing off on this first ever blog post on my website. The future blogs should be a treat and much more professional.

Until next time,

Ken Shim, RMT